About Rosmear Caspians

Rosmear Ashik
Rosmear Caspian stud began in the 1980s in Scotland with the arrival of their first Caspian Stallion, Costessa Siyroun, shortly followed by the stud's foundation mares, Hopstone Sasha and Hopstone Lili. The stud has since grown, and relocated to near Pau, France.

These exceptional horses have a long and ancient history, thought to be extinct until the 1960s when they were rediscovered in Northern Iran.  

Caspian Ability
Caspian horses, and caspian crosses are an excellent choice for a sports pony, with exceptional temperament, movement and ability. Caspians are renown for their jumping ability, with Hopstone Lili clearing 1.3m with ease! They make fantastic children's horses due to their small size and kind temperament. For breeders of sports horses and ponies, we have several Caspian stallions available in addition to our Arabian stallions that stand at Rosmear. To get in touch with us about these wonderful horses, please contact us. Visitors welcome!